Reformulation 1: From “Geopolitical” to “Ecosystemic” Social Organization

Abandoning scarcity frameworks of competing for coveted resources; territory; and power over others, to innovate and incubate new institutions and enterprises that are anchors in, and bridges to, abundance frameworks of thrivingly co-existing with all life by shifting from “Geopolitical” to “Ecosystemic” formulas of social organization.

P.I.I.R.A. APPRAISAL: For all life to exist cohesively and adaptively across differences in UTW, populations must identify the formulas and patterns of living to preserve and develop that serve this objective, and which to abandon that conflict with it. Many struggles that are suffered in life involve under serving or obsolete formulas that populations haven’t collectively outgrown, such as geopolitical versus ecosystemic frameworks; consumptive verses regenerative practices; competing and leading verses cooperating and co-creating; private verses communal resourcing (economics); and obligated labor verses living stewardship. This maturity, however, has been unreachable through the prevailing formulas of social development that many populations have adopted unless some portions of the same, or another, population are exploited or disadvantaged in some way. Among the sources of this obstructed maturity are living patterns driven by interests and economics that divide instead of unite and portray desired conditions of living as unrealistic. Therefore…until presented with convincing evidence of other wisdom (UPCEOW)…what is signaled by the current social condition is to innovate and incubate anchor institutions designed in UTW formulations; bridging ventures to convert enterprises from geopolitical to ecosystemic purposes; and social practices that demonstrate interdependence, where the imperatives are to establish and uphold a commons to justly serve all life.