Mapping Populations that are Self-Organizing to Mature Beyond Geopolitical Independence into Bioregional Interdependence for the Collective Well-Being of All Life

the Chevil Até Project is an initiative to map where populations are self-organizing, bioregionally instead of geopolitically, to advance beyond patterns, systems, and formulas of living that generate disparity and discord in any way (despite historical advantages they may have demonstrated), and mature into those that are integral to the thriving coexistence of all life–whether these ways of living already exist in social practice, or remain to be imagined and emerge into experienced reality...and, therefore, require current generations as the champions to develop them.

Chevil Até's efforts are to establish and expand, throughout Living Society, states of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW), in which all life exists cohesively and adaptively across differences. These efforts are being mapped for each of Earth's 185 bioregions (as charted by and each mapping is identified as a ChAPter. Abundance Leagues of the Chevil Até Project are ChAPter alliances of social change agents who coordinate each bioregion's mapping, and also implement Chevil Até's meta initiatives for initiating the anchors of, and bridges to, UTW states of living. ChAPters become re-identified as a commonshire upon collectively establishing formal compacts on the UTW formulations of the bioregion and the ecosystem parameters and dynamics for functioning as ecological communities for each ecoregion within the ChAPter or commonshire.

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Meta Initiatives

Meta initiatives of the Chevil Até Project are mirrored in each bioregion that is mapped as a project ChAPter. This mirroring is coordinated by each ChAPter's Abundance League of concerting allies to establish the anchoring elements of collective well-being, and the bridging conduits for shifting from any under serving or obsolete ways of living over to UTW formulations. When underway, the ChAPter's numerical designation is added to the meta initiative as indication of which bioregion's ecosystem it is being adapted to support. (ex: The Axis meta initiative implemented in Chevil Até's ChAPter Three bioregional mapping is identified as Axis3)


ChAPters and Abundance Leagues

ChAPters of the Chevil Até Project are bioregional mappings of social change efforts and organizers that are expanding UTW throughout their circles of influence and identification. Abundance Leagues of the Chevil Até Project are alliances of social change agents organizing to resolve (rather than merely ease) systematically unjust obstacles to UTW. Abundance Leagues coordinate flanking efforts to resolve patterns, systems, and formulas of living at the roots of living struggles as a concert with frontline efforts to defend populations that are directly vulnerable to the agents of social injustice and the actors of social misdoings.

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ChAPters of the Chevil Até Project become regarded as commonshires, and are integrated into the Chevil Até interdependent network of bioregional formations, when the self-organizing population of the bioregion being mapped begins developing and modeling the patterns; systems; and formulas of living that distinguish the UTW dynamics of the ecosystems supporting each of its distinct ecoregions (or other integral models of living), and reaches formal consensus on its trajectories of cooperative interdependence and common intention to resolve, rather than ease, ways of living that generate disparity or discord of any kind–or otherwise produce living struggles.

Shasta (C1)

Sanctuary Commonshires

Sanctuaries of the Chevil Até Project are havens providing immersive environments for escaping conditions of immobilizing distress to awakening to the distinguishing nature and spirit of particular archetypes that populate a commonshire and their significance to the living experience; and for incubating the thriving conditions that are distinct to these genius.

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Monastery Commonshires

Monasteries of the Chevil Até Project are cloisters of multi-disciplinarians concentrating the life song callings of their genius archetype on multi-dimensional aspects of UTW in a specific category of the Ten Sights.

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