ChAPter Three (C3): Chevil Até's UTW Mapping of Bioregion NA25

the Chevil Até Project is an initiative to map, as bioregional ChAPters, where populations are self-organizing, in bioregional interdependency** instead of geopolitical independence, to mature into patterns, systems, and formulas of living that are integral to the thriving coexistence of all life. Abundance Leagues of the Chevil Até Project are alliances of social organizers whom conduct Chevil Até's mappings, develop and expand the anchoring institutions of their population's interdependency and the ventures that are bridges from under serving enterprise designs to those integral to collective well-being, and foster the interlinkages that synergize the distinct living interests of their organizing population into integrated concert. ChAPter Three (C3) is Chevil Até's mapping of North America's Southeast Savannahs and Riparian Forests bioregion (NA25), the Abundance League of ChAPter Three (A3) is the alliance of concerting allies for C3, and Terraquista is the population that is self-organizing as NA25's bioregional interdependency.

The Southeast Savannas bioregion, located in the Northern America (Nearctic) realm, covers much of the Atlantic seaboard and the Southeast U.S. Savannas & Forests subrealm. It contains four distinct ecoregions:
Southeast US Conifer Savannas (399)…FL, GA, AL, MS, LA, TN, KY, AR, MO,
Mississippi Lowland Forests (337)...(AL, GA, SC, NC, VA,
Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens (347)…NJ, NY, CT, RI, MA,
Mid-Atlantic US Coastal Savannas (393)…GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ.

Introduced in the Maturity 1 presentation video, for the prospective allies being invited to concert in A3, are the strategic designs of the Maturity 1 campaign to interconnect the efforts of every organizing circle concentrating on reclaiming the power of influencing their lives at the community level. The presentation is a first draft intended to storyboard the primary objectives and rationales of Maturity 1's strategy for ascertaining how accurately the intentions of your projects have been understood and adapted into proposals for concerting in A3 and, if you are able to perceive your passions and callings being contributed to by involvement in this organizing. Future undertakings will detail more of this effort's design and intentions.
A transcript with fields for submitting observations and inquiries on individual segments of the presentation is the "html" link under the P.O.B. form in the sidebar. Enter comments or questions in the relevant field of the form and click any of the "submit" buttons once all fields are filled in. This will prompt an email of your compiled responses to an address we will received them at.
There is also a link in the sidebar to the event (April 2018 Ecosocialist Convergence in Jackson MS) that the personalities showcased in the presentation (except for Jane McAlevey, David Korten, and Thomas Greco) are referenced from.

*bioregional statistics courtesy of One Earth and Planet Drum.
** organizing populations that regard the plurality of distinguishing traits of its populace as integral to their self-identification and collective thriving coexistence