Wing Span Research

Cataloguing the Patterns; Systems; and Formulas of Living that liberate all life from struggles of disparity; disadvantage; discord; disconnection; and disrespect into distinguishing significance; collective interests; and mature interdependence.

Wing Span compiles research, across the Ten Sights scope of living endeavors, to identify what in life enables populations to coexist across social differences and mature toward states of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW). Wing Span examines published literature, public dialogue, broadcast information, and other media, which is then evaluated through the P.O.B. forums to garner perspective appraisals from the public.  The accords arrive at through these appraisals are catalogued as the Universal Commonwealth and Cohesive Society (UCCS) formulas for properly stewarding the world's resources and systems of living. UCCS formulas represent initial social accords on aspects of living to collectively uphold, though they are only the beginnings of the consensus that must be reached throughout Living Society in order to maintain its advancement on trajectories of realizing collective well-being.
To thoroughly examine what is relevant to the collective well-being of all life, Wing Span's research is compiled and evaluated in bioregional, rather than geopolitical, frameworks and formats. The following resources help ensure the accuracy and integrity of Wing Span's examination protocols.