"It is the cohesion and integration of our societies that must be enhanced. We need to build not only geographical but spiritual bridges between people, and strengthen the intellectual; cultural; and communication linkages between our societies."

Federico Mayor, Former Director-General of UNESCO

"In order for Living Society to realize the collective well-being of all life, shouldn't its populations mature beyond previous ways of functioning–despite their benefits–into the patterns; systems; and formulas of coexisting that surmount or resolve living struggles of every kind?"

Carlos Winborn, Swan's Reach

Swan's Reach conducts the research (Wing Span), advocacy (Life Song), organizing (Down Futures), and resourcing (Expanse Enterprises) of Ten Sights Institutes of Social Cohesion (TSiSC) to expand social consensus on how society should uphold the distinguishing interests of all life and the resilient dynamics of the universe.

This agenda begins with research compiled by Wing Span, across the Ten Sights scope of living endeavors, to identify which aspects of the living process establish states of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW). The social accords reached on this research through the P.O.B. forums are catalogued as the Universal Commonwealth and Cohesive Society (UCCS) formulas for properly stewarding the resources and systems of living. Life Song promotes these formulas as aspirations and inspirations for populations that are resolving their common struggles through coordinated frameworks of social interdependence. Negotiating variables of this interdependency is an element of the Chevil Até Project, which maps bioregional UTW self-organizing efforts, and is conducted by Down Futures to interlink these efforts across their purposes through the Maturity One campaign. The Swan's Reach agenda concludes in the work of Expanse Enterprises, which incubates businesss formats that champion regenerative and justly distributed social commons; while generating no disadvantage, disconnection, disparity, or discord in life whatsoever.