A Campaign to Redesign Social Development in Just rather than Privileging Systemic Designs

The proverb by Richard Buckminster Fuller that "desired change happens by re-imagining situations in ways enabling you to abandon what is becoming obsolete in them" serves as the basis for which the Maturity 1 campaign (Mat-1) is being organized to expand social consensus on which ways of living to preserve as contributing to the thriving wellness of all life, and which to abandon as under serving and obsolete to collective well being–and to reclaim the capacity for Influencing people's lives at the community level.
Studies of harm to Earth's environment, widening social inequalities, and the struggles of people with systemic imbalances contributing to these harms and inequities, illustrate that the shifts needed to realize Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW) are not forthcoming through the prevailing social systems and economics that too many discontentedly believe as their only viable option for advancing in life.
Mat-1 asserts that there are no corrections to these predominant geopolitical systems–referred to in this campaign as Echelon models–that can align or synchronize them to life-serving interests or resolve the imbalances their formulas for success require because of inevitable pressures in these models to exploit life and resources for productivity demands.
UTW is not reached if any among us are disadvantaged by the social framework, and so, the most essential of the changes advocated for in Mat-1 are shifting our story of meaningfulness and understanding in life from subsistence narratives that emphasize competitive disconnection.
The other essential change advocated for in Mat-1 is shifting the economies used for resourcing social development from predatory, exploitive, and extractive echelon models over to regenerative and distributive models that return the capacity for groups to influence the conditions and course of their lives at the community level, and that
resource living opportunities in ways serving the interdependent systems of life providing for collective survival and thriving in our world.
In our assessment, these shifts require establishing consensus throughout populations on which understandings of how to live we should preserve as serving common interests, which we must abandon as compromising to collective wellness, and what resourcing models serve the consensus that is reached. A consensus that must honor the archetypal significance of every difference demonstrated by living beings.
In this sense Mat-1 is not only a campaign for changing how communities and populations organize to function, but a movement for our species to unlearn the discredited misconceptions we've been faithful to that are recognized as compromising our social integrity and ecological compatibility.
Mat-1's strategy for expanding this consensus is interconnecting and synchronizing with every social development effort that is transitioning into existing and emerging egalitarian systems.of living. The campaign's principal initiatives for interlinking populations in this way are Universal Commonwealth and Cohesive Society (UCCS) as a UTW development criteria and standard to shift our community circles over to that ensures social development is navigated by a compass of social consensus and along bearing of meaning and purpose extending from the accords of this consensus; Ten Sights as the scope of endeavor categories across which UTW is cultivated and monitored; the Chevil Até Project (ChAP) as a network of community linkages and alliances between social change agents, called ChAPters, that map UTW efforts and advancements throughout these circles.
The intention here is for ChAPters to model ways of developing society in communal-asset, rather than private capital-based, resourcing that is tailored to the distinctions of the ChAPter being mapped. These efforts are organized by Abundance Leagues as the UTW organizing alliances for each ChAPter; C.I.R.C.L.E.S. as the monitoring and reporting initiative of each ChAPter; and ChAPter Source as the UCCS currency for resourcing innovations of the Chevil Até Project as anchors and bridges of the Commons.

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