Ten Sights Institutes of Social Cohesion (TSiSC)



Reformulating the Systems of Social Advancement to Expand the Thriving Well-being of All Life and Resolve Social Disparity and Discord

S a t u r n D r a g o n
The Vision: Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW)
The UTW Scope of Endeavors: The Ten Sights
The UTW Campaign: Maturity 1



Ten Sights Institutes of Social Cohesion (TSiSC) is a joint venture of S a t u r n  D r a g o n–a practice (at the interpersonal levels of social existence) for cohesively interrelating as living beings through concerts of soul urges more so than through the living struggles populations experience; and Swan's Reach–whose work (at the societal level) is bridge-building to advance the shifts in social development needed for populations to exist cohesively across all differences; endeavors; and conditions,­ and for their economies to be in responsible service to life-giving systems of the universe.

These ventures converge in TSiSC to ascertain and formulate which patterns, systems, and formulas of living enable populations to mature into states of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-being (UTW)in which all life exists cohesively and adaptively across any differences as a society of interdependent beings; harnessing the archetypal significance of their distinguishing gifts (spirit natures, soul urges, natural talents; and developed competencies); to expand common and aligned interests; which responsibly steward the life-serving systems of the regions they populate and migrate.