Reformulating the Systems of Social Advancement to Expand the Thriving Well-being of All Life and Resolve Social Disparity and Discord

S a t u r n D r a g o n
The Vision: Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW)
UTW Scope: The Ten Sights
The UTW Campaign: Maturity 1


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TSiSC Outline

Refocusing the Emphasis of Social Advancement throughout Living Society on Ideals of Flourishing more than on Overcoming Living Struggle

TSiSC exists to envision the mature realities that are needed for thoroughly and cohesively engaged existence, and not merely those deemed possible through the systems and formulas of social development populations are familiar with, or that too narrowly focus on any particular category of being. Realities in which all life coexists as a society of interdependent beings; harnessing the archetypal significance of their distinguishing gifts (spirit natures, soul urges, natural talents; and developed competencies); to expand common and aligned interests; which responsibly steward the life-serving systems of the living regions they populate and migrate.

Systemically Reformulating Social Development to Resolve, Rather than Prolong or Mitigate, Social Imbalances and Injustice

TSiSC advocates that mature ideals of living are proven to be possible. The possibilities that have manifested demonstrate how far beyond existing states and conditions of well being or struggle, and apart from their particular struggles with prevalent social limitations and inadequacies, populations have needed to collectively imagine what is necessary and desirable to conceptualize social innovations aligned with and capable of enabling the imagined ideals.


TSiSC is expanding social consensus on conceptualizations of Universal Thriving Wellness or UTW as an envisioned state of a mature and cohesively interdependent coexistence in which all life flourishes according to its distinctive significance in the living world and there is social consensus on which designs and practices of living to preserve in this life serving sense, or to abandon as obsolete to what is naturally thriving for all, and on Universal Commonwealth and Cohesive Society or UCCS, that fully enable all life in every way, as the systems and formulas of social development capable of enabling UTW.
Therefore, the social change agenda of TSiSC is examining both social development formulas that are systemic to societal dimensions of living, as well as formulas of interrelating in the interpersonal dimensions of living. And to then re-imagine and reformulate those proving or demonstrating themselves as under serving to the thriving well being of all life and the consensus of ideals for this well being that populations interdependently determine, and to abandon those proving obsolete or impediments to UTW flourishing.
TSiSC observes that ideals of living are unfavorably, and even direly, compromised by prematurely formulating these conceptualizations to the constraints and shortcomings of pressing situations. Establishing UTW is compromised by escalating situations of environmental and social decline and collapse that populations face, which are instigated and fomented by reliance upon systems and formulas of social development embedded with imperatives, that concentrate social assets; resources; and influence unjustly or in undesirable ways (Concentration Systems and Formulas or CSFs). TSiSC identifies CSFs, rather than the agents (societal elites, policy agencies, etc.) or conduits (enterprises and initiatives) of these influences, as the instigators and fomenters of societal imbalances and injustice. It is observed that the CSFs embedded within Capitalism are the imperatives of exploiting living resources and populations, and unsustainable growth, that require the concentration of social assets and access to opportunities needed in the paradigms of success associated with this system. In these ways Capitalism is following historical cycles of decline (also demonstrated by the failed systems of feudalism and slavery) to ultimately collapse, and TSiSC advises abandoning it as, increasingly, obsolete to UTW.


TSiSC acknowledges and endorses frontline social justice efforts to defend and insulate populations that are vulnerable to situations provoked by CSFs, but primarily conducts flanking social change efforts to resolve, rather than alleviate or ease, the systemic dynamics of CSFs by reformulating the determinations and goals of social change to abandon CSFs where it is proven or demonstrated they are uncorrectable; too under serving; or obsolete to UTW, while reconfiguring the institutions; enterprises; and projects of social development as anchors in, and bridges to, UTW systemic formulations.

Interlinking Every Social Change Agents Endeavoring to _ in Alliances to Reconfigure the Institutions and Enterprises of Their Circles in Society over to UTW, rather than Prolonged Instability, Conceptualizations of Postcapitalism

Interlining Social Change Efforts to Mature Social Advancement Beyond Postcapitalism into UTW

In its conceptualizations of a postcapitalist UTW, TSiSC envisions a reality that is re-imagined across every category of living endeavor in collective ideals of just and thriving well being. In understanding that what replaces Capitalism can be even more disastrous (if society remains tethered to its systemic forces and continues their patterns), or that what follows may be exceptionally better and what is validly needed to justly serve all life and living interests by breaking free of the imbalanced imperatives; pressures; and resulting anxieties of scarcity systems, TSiSC is organizing the Maturity 1 campaign (Mat-1) as a collective of interlinked social change efforts innovating the systemic formulations of thriving well being; that are resourced by regenerative and distributive currencies in solidarity economics.
TSiSC is aware of no convincing evidence UTW potentials are possible through any innately imbalanced CSFs such as monetary resourcing (money); wage labor (employment); exchange architectures (trade); dictatorship of the majority; and dominance authority (political oligarchy). TSiSC asserts, unless provided with greater wisdom and convincing evidence supporting it, that preemptive survival over time and the interest of persevering as an ecologically responsible species have signaled the need for formulating transitions away from these CSFs that populations have grown too familiar with and intimately reliant upon. While TSiSC observes that abandoning CSFs too abruptly is neither wise nor can be reasonably expected at a societal scale (because of social behaviors that can be anticipated when instigated by abrupt changes), escalating situations of environmental and social collapse that populations continue to face insist that the proposed shifts are necessarily prerequisites to reaching just and thriving living possibilities. TSiSC advocates that these shifts can effectively occur by conceptualizing UTW systems; incubating them as anchors in new and re-imagined formulas of functioning society; and reconfiguring existing institutions and enterprises of CSFs as bridges from their present functional intentions over to UTW purposes.
Mat-1's principle instruments for enabling these shifts are UCCS–as the reformulated concentrations and standard of social development; and the Chevil Até Project­–as an effort to reconfigure populated regions in unfolding, as well as newly imagined, conceptualizations of Postcapitalism.
By imagining beyond under serving systems such as monetary social resourcing architectures to innovations such as communal asset systems; and beyond the subsistence productivity model of employment to social stewardships extending from distinguishing gifts of spirit and soul every being is distinctly born with, Mat-1 is organizing social change agents whom are able to perceive these and other reconfigurations of living­–to interlink them as alliances of concerting allies called Abundance Leagues in TSiSC’s Chevil Até Project.


To make the world work for 100% of humanity Living Society to establish the accords for functioning in interdependent concerts of their archetypal significance in the shortest possible time as the normal experience of living through spontaneous cooperation without disadvantage to anyone or misuse of anything or anyone."

adapted from R. Buckminster Fuller

This adaptation summarizes the social aspiration to thoroughly realize a mature existence of Universal Thriving Wellness or UTW in which all life is broadly supported and loyally assisted in becoming the utmost and thriving embodiment of authentic characteristics; distinctions; competencies; and gifts that epitomize what is distinguishing and archetypal about it–regardless of its state or condition of enablement in life; is afforded every resource and opportunity necessary for fully maturing into these potentials; and responsibly contributes them to the cohesive advancement of its circles and society­ as the representative agent of their significance to the living experience. Responsibly stewarding the collective interests of all life and living systems in this way is the principal purpose and role of social development that social change efforts should emphasize as a life-serving imperative and process to replace Capitalism as it declines and society shifts into its next iteration of social aspiration of UTW in Postcapitalism.
The primary concentrations and formulas of social development models such as Capitalism are too often absent the conceptualizations and equations necessary for realizing UTW and untethering living struggles from the very systems that disproportionally and disadvantagingly concentrate public assets and influence in prolonging, rather than resolving, social problems–such as hardships provoked by concentrating resources; opportunities; wealth; and power to the advantage of a disproportionate few in the society­. UTW social change refers to the systemic instigators and fomenters of these social imbalances as Concentration Systems and Formulas (CSFs)–which include commercialization and privatization of the Commons through capital resourcing and markets rather than collective resourcing of common needs through solidarity economics and communal asset currencies; competition rather than cooperation; and delegated hierarchies of decision making rather than just consensus as examples. These, and other, CSFs are embedded as imperatives in the prevailing social resourcing models, and the dynamic of being systematically embedded with imperatives that function to advantage portions of the population to the disadvantage of others renders Capitalism, and other models of social enablement that are dependent on CSFs, as impediments (rather than conduit) to the ideals of justice that are symbiotic to UTW.
Fostering UTW in affirming visions of Postcapitalism begins with a shift in society’s framing story of understanding and meaningfulness to what David Korten calls The Sacred Life and Living Earth Story (referred to hereafter as Sacred Lilith)–wherein living communities are creating the conditions essential to their own existence rather than perpetuating those of social decline. Sacred Lilith requires a shift from what Korten refers to as The Sacred Money and Markets Story (SMM) as the framing story of meaning and understanding–which has driven perceived reality and social development for at least the last 300 to 400 years, but has primarily served, despite all of the social benefits it produces, to concentrate assets; power; and opportunities, to the excessive favor of a disproportionate few through CSFs. In this respect CSFs are antithetical to Sacred Lilith and the shifts to discontinue them and abandon SMM are being orchestrated throughout the world in movements such as Ecosocialism, Solidarity Economics, environmental rights of the planet and living system, and others-each manifesting their own aspects of Sacred Lilith in their campaigns.
The Ten Sights Institute of Social Cohesion (TSiSC) is organizing the social development reformulations of Sacred Lilith through its Universal Commonwealth and Cohesive Society initiative (UCCS); and the social consensus and social reconfiguration aspects of Sacred Lilith through its Chevil Até Project. the Chevil Até Project maps (as bioregional ChAPters) the alignments between social change agents to interlink them in their UTW purposes. ChAPter Abundance Leagues are alliances of social change agents (SCAs) converging in the Chevil Até Project at the intersections of their causes and endeavors to reconfigure communities and the institutions of society for functioning in systems and formulas of UCCS instead of CSFs. Converging in affinity connections at the intersections of soul urges; callings of purposes; mission causes; and other endeavors is a UCCS usage of the term Concerting. Abundance Leagues concert in establishing the social consensus; anchoring systems; bridging pathways; and other reconfigurations needed for establishing and preserving UTW throughout Chevil Até’s network of ChAPters. Therefore, and so that social change efforts are increasingly in concert with one another in their undertakings (rather than at odds with themselves either ideologically or in methodology); and so that what to live for is framed and guided by compasses of thriving cohesion and archetypes of fulfilled living rather than those of subsistence coping (which living struggles have more often achieved over their histories), and also so that all lives are afforded every resource and opportunity necessary for maturing in their social experience at any level of social enablement, TSiSC fosters the Sacred Lilith conceptualizations of:

  • Refocusing the frameworks; designs; and efforts of social change, at the societal levels of social development, on systems and formulations of thriving wellness instead of living struggle—while continuing efforts of overcoming living struggles in appropriate tactical situations rather than as ends in themselves.
  • Concentrating the formulas of social interrelating, in the interpersonal disciplines of social change, on concerting in the callings of purpose that express archetypal interests and which are evoked by the distinctions of spirit each soul awakens and taps into in maturing as their fullest authentic significance to the living experience—and rising to the challenges of lived experience as touchstones in the personal maturing process rather than as a principal concentration of interrelating.


Swan's Reach

Bridge-building at the societal level of social development between social change efforts that advance systemic shifts necessary for populations to exist cohesively across all differences; endeavors; and conditions,­ and function in responsible service to life-giving systems of their ecological habitats and the universe.

S a t u r n 
D r a g o n

A practice (in the interpersonal dimensions of existing) for cohesively interrelating as living beings through concerts of the distinguishing significance of their soul urges and callings of spirit (Life Songs) more so than the struggles of lived social experience.

Ten Sights Institutes of Social Cohesion [TSiSC]

Swan's Reach and S a t u r n  D r a g o n converge in TSiSC to explore the possibilities of social dynamics to thoroughly envision a mature reality of UTW in which all life coexists as a society of interdependent beings; harnessing the distinguishing and archetypal significance of their spirit natures, soul urges, and specific competencies; to create communities of common and aligned interests; that steward the systems of thriving and wellness for the bioregions they populate and migrate.