Reformulating the Systems of Social Advancement to Expand the Thriving Well-being of All Life and Resolve Social Disparity and Discord

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The Vision: Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW)
UTW Scope: The Ten Sights
The UTW Campaign: Maturity 1


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About TSiSC

Ten Sights Institutes of Social Cohesion (TSiSC) joins those whom assert that "the collective aspiration of Living Society can become to uphold the common well-being and distinguishing significance of everything that is encountered in the living experience and that, in order to realize this state of being, society's populations must mature to coexist in collective interdependence, rather than independent competition, with all that lives...and also surmount and resolve ways of living that generate disadvantage, struggle, disparity, or discord of any kind"...despite historical advantages these lifestyles may have provided–and whether the alternatives already exist in social practice, or remain to be imagined and emerge into experienced reality...which requires current generations as the champions for developing them.

TSiSC exists to incubate this potential as a prevailing reality in life by re-imagining Civilization Coexistence in a vision of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being and formulating both the anchoring systems necessary for upholding UTW frameworks, as well as the bridging redesigns for shifting the resulting function of social enterprise from that of perpetuating the under serving dynamics of geoeconomics over to that of thoroughly upholding integral systems of life.

Those who are concerned about conditions of social disparity that are rooted in systemic imbalance, and are also able to envision beyond them to states of collective well-being, are urged to examine TSiSC’s main initiative, the Chevil Até Project, and consider joining one of its Abundance Leagues. Abundance Leagues are alliances of social change agents organizing to resolve (rather than merely ease) systematically unjust obstacles to UTW, instead of clashing, endlessly, with the actors of social injustice whom are incentivised, in nearly every field of venture, by disparity producing systems of social development and industry.

By mapping efforts of re-imagining these systems so that they instead support thriving conditions for all life, Abundance Leagues are helping to foster the social development formulations and institutions that are the necessary anchors of UTW for populations to shift over to­–such as shifting to “communal asset resourcing” from the asset concentrating economic formulation of money systems; to “co-creative social encouragement and activation” from the persuasively influential formulations of leadership systems; and to “genius stewardships of civic contribution and collectively enabled living” from the workforce control formulations of obligation labor systems (jobs). Anchors such as these are designed to un-tether social development from familiar conventions that systematically obstruct social cohesion and just ways of living.

This strategy of refocusing social development on thriving rather than faltering systemic formulations also involves reconfiguring existing industries, enterprises, and other social constructs to be bridges from their often inadequate functions over to UTW functions that genuinely serve all…and even starting from scratch (where necessary) to develop radically different models of living that may not yet have been broadly conceptualized–such as communal asset; co-creative; and living stewardship commonwealths that have matured beyond under serving and obsolete social constructs...such as asset-concentrating forms of social resourcing (in formulations of "money" and other forms of private capital); compelling forms of social encouragement and activation (such as "leadership"); and obligation forms of social contribution (such as "jobs").