ChAPter Six (C6): Chevil Até's UTW Mapping of Bioregion NA16

ChAPter 6 of the Chevil Até Projectthe Chevil Até Project's mapping of UTW & UCCS configurations for the Cascades Mountain Forests and Valleys bioregion of North America (NA16)*

the Chevil Até Project maps, as bioregional ChAPters, where populations are self-organizing to adopt individual and collective living patterns; systems of functioning; and formulas of social intention, that support the thriving coexistence and interdependence of all life. Abundance Leagues of the Chevil Até Project are alliances of social organizers that develop and expand the anchoring institutions of these ways of living, and the ventures that are bridges from under serving enterprise designs to those integral to collective well-being.

The Cascades bioregion, located in the Pacific Coast subrealm of Northern America, stretches from northern California to the Canadian border and incorporates the grasslands at the foot of the Cascades Range in western Oregon. It contains four distinct ecoregions:
North Cascades Conifer Forests (358...WA, Canada: BC),
Central-Southern Cascades Forests (352...CA, OR, WA),
Eastern Cascades Forests (354...CA, OR, WA),
Willamette Valley Oak Savanna (403...OR , WA),
and includes the Columbia Gorge and many lakes dotted throughout the region.

ChAPter Six (C6) is the Chevil Até Project's mapping of UTW self-organizing efforts for NA16, and the Abundance League of ChAPter Six (A6), is the coordinating alliance of social organizers for C6. Cascadia is the population of NA16 that is self-organizing to mature beyond geopolitical formations into a bioregional commons.

*bioregional statistics courtesy of One Earth and Planet Drum.