A6: The Abundance League of ChAPter Six in the Chevil Até Project

Abundance League 6

The Abundance League of ChAPter Six (A6) is the UTW redevelopment alliance for the NA16 Bioregion.

Abundance Leagues are alliances of social change agents organizing to formulate ways of living that expand the interdependent cooperation of people and other species across their distinct interests in life, and by reconfiguring populations­–bioregionally–as ecologically cooperative communities coexisting within responsibly maintained boundaries of planetary abundances, rather than geopolitical zones competing for influence in manipulated scarcities. Allies join Abundance Leagues to coordinate efforts of abandoning reliance on systems proving inadequate to, or incompatible with, collective interdependent well-being and shift how their populations function into re-invented systems supporting and expanding UTW.

A6 is NA16’s League of organizing allies. A6’s initial efforts are to incubate commonwealth enterprises (Commons) that resolve the inability of private business and commercial cooperatives to insulate populations from the compromises of market commoditization. These “commons” become pathways for transitioning from the grueling roles expected in jobs that are formulated as socially obligated labor into re-imagined formulas of living stewardship.

A6 is developing the Cascadia Common collective initiative to incubate the venture formats needed for enterprise to be responsive to the needs of NA25’s ecological communities instead of market economics, and the Cascades Agora as a public forum for expanding Terraquista’s social consensus on the application of these formats.

*Vision: Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW)
*Scope of Endeavors: The Ten Sights
*Campaign: Maturity 1
*Social Development Formulas: UCCS
*Principal Initiative: the Chevil Até Project
*Solidarity Economics: ChAPter Source

The Abundance League of ChAPter Six

Abundance League alliances of the Chevil Até Project coordinate bioregional efforts for populations to adopt mature frameworks of living that enable all life to exist cohesively and adaptively across any differences in Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-being or UTW, and to abandon formulas for living that generate disparity and discord of any kind (despite other benefits they may provide).

This agenda is unlikely to be realized through familiar ways societies have previously functioned and requires advancing to radically, and often entirely, different frameworks of operating and existing.

The work of Abundance Leagues is to reformulate systems of social advancement for collective thriving instead of disparity prolonging competitive prosperity. This work is completed when populated regions everywhere organize themselves (through collective social accords) to function in formulas of living (the living patterns and systems of functioning that become adopted by populations) that are in concert with the biological and environmental systems that are natural to them. These reformulation efforts include developing and establishing new anchor institutions to enable populations to function in these formulas…while reconfiguring existing institutions and enterprises as bridges (in their respective industries) from under serving and obsolete operating formulations into UTW formulations.

Pending A6 Allies

6C1: Musings From Big Pink

A6 Concerting Initiatives

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