Concert 6C1: Musings From Big Pink

S a t u r n D r a g o n
Maturity 1
Ten Sights
the Chevil Até Project

POB Dialogs
(To expand consensus on the values of the following subjects through submission of informed observations and inquiries)
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Musings From Big Pink
Love Stones



Concerting Initiatives:


Guiding the general populace in self-activated learning that extends from their distinguishing nature and genius and becomes routine practices for them from the Cascadian bioregion (ChAPter Six or Cascadia) for the Nearctic Ecozone as part of the Chevil Até Project's network of UTW social reconfigurations

Concerting Proposal:

A6 proposes to concert in developing Love Stones (LvStns) as a bridging enterprise for modeling how to shift industries related to “inspirational motivation” from market commodity formats into self-activating learning formats that encourage the distinguishing nature and genius of LvStn holders and become routine practices for them. The significance of these personal distinctions will be emphasized by the limited supply of the stones, in that the initial collection that wss salvaged from dredging activities in the Yangtze river will not be exponentially replenished­–and is the only stock intended to be obtained. LvStns, therefore are designed as items to be passed on once they have served a valued purpose to whomever is in possession of them at any time.

the Chevil Até Project observes LvStns as an agent of:

  1. UTW social activation

in the Ten Sights living endeavor categories of:

  1. Understanding (6@) in its sub-category of Self Awareness and one’s individualized process of continuous learning, and
  2. Life Practice (9@) in its sub-category of mastering one’s distinctive processes of sharpening their skill sets or “Sharpening the Saw [1] ,

and also serving the living interests of:

  1. remembering and reflecting on one’s distinguishing capacities and values in the face of challenge or struggle.

Chevil Até recognizes these callings to be in concert with UCCS designs to reconfigure the systemic imbalances of:

  1. Colonization of the spirit and living [vibrancy] and abdication of “the autonomy of responsible/ethical self-determination” in one’s day-to-day activities.

Abundance League initial designs of concert with LvStns include the following:

  1. Establishing LvStns as the pilot initiative of postcapitalist reconfiguration in the Pacific Northwest bioregionas ChAPter 6 of the Chevil Até Project…for which A6 would be the regional Abundance League alliance).

A6, therefore, proposes LvStns for the role of bridging enterprise in its Co-op initiative with the objective of innovating collectible enterprise practices for the ChAPter Six population. A6 foresees LvStn’s benefits in this concert as advancing its efforts to reclaim regional resource stewardship authority by developing Chevil Até network supportable resourcing models that will be convertible into ChAPter Source economics and currencies as those suited to ChAPter Six (6-Source) and the LvStns enterprise are developed.

These are but initial observations that invite your adjustments or additions in considering how concerting in A6 may serve your interests. Please review the Chevil Até Project’s outline for more explanation of the abbreviations and terms used in this summary, and in considering A6’s invitation to help reconfigure the Cascadial bioregion and Living Society in postcapitalist formulations of thriving well-being for all.

[1]      Reference: Subsequent material supporting “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, by FranklinCovey Assc