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The Cohesively Interrelating Stewardships of the Chevil Até Project

Throughout each ChAPter of the Chevil Até Project, Tables are the initiative component of the Maturity 1 campaign (Mat-1) for mutually supportive exploration of the actualization dynamics of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and shadow dimensions of social organizers in their concerting/organizing. Tables ensure each ChAPter's social organizers are concerting from their soul urges and spirit genius rather than socializations and colonization of their minds and spirit.

Tables are twice-a-month gatherings for social organizers to dine while discussing topics on organizing as bioregional populations; re-imagining their patterns, systems, and formulas of living to resolve those that generate disparity or discord of any kind–despite advantages they may have historically provided; determining whether the mature designs that are envisioned already exist in social practice, or have yet to emerge into experienced reality...and negotiating interlinkages for functioning interdependently across all social purposes in cohesive association.

Tables foster concerts of interrelationship across the archetypal distinctions of the populations that are mapped as Chevil Até's Bioregional ChAPters, and which come to self-organize bioregionally, rather than geopolitically, as commonshires. Concerting relationships examine the distinguishing significance that is inherent to all sentient beings of genius spirit; soulful cravings; and authentic callings of purpose, and emphasizes primarily engaging with others in the synergy, or natural cooperation, of this distinctiveness.

In UTW the proper purpose of any humansocial institution, rather business; government; or civil society, is to support peopleliving beings as authentically productive, naturally contributing, distinctly sharing members of a vibrantly maintained, prosperous, living Earth community–A living community creating the conditions essential to its own existence.1

In self exploration and discovery, a process for informed, guided, and evaluated mentoring and peer coaching should; therefore, be institutional in UTW organizing.

  • Purposes
    • In Buddhism, "sangha" is a community of those in like practice. This observance is adapted in Mat-1 as "Circlesangh (circle song)" and Tables are Chevil Até's circles of social organizers in the circlesangh practice of mastering integral living by modeling social designs and activities that meet our consensus of life-serving ideals. We gather, therefore, in our understandings of:
      • Genius Spirit (the resident spirit composed of the cohering elements of perspective; orientation; interest and passion; talents; and capabilities that souls represent as their snowflakes of distinction),
      • Genius Significance (the archetypal roles in the fabric of Life indicated by a soul's distinctiveness),
      • Life Song (the callings of purpose in Life a soul's genius–rather than skill­–excites as a life's work),
      • Concerting Designs (alliances modeling the archetypal roles of complementary life songs),
      • Thriving Conditions and Enabling States (supporting and ideal situations for developing into authentic self), and
      • Assets (the perspectives one's genius adds to social inclusiveness, and the resources they contribute to endeavors they're involved in).
    • to then map and synchronize our linkages in the following catalysts of social and soulful alignment:
      • the purposes of life we observe,
      • the callings our spirits ache to fulfill such that voids in our souls develop if we are not,
      • the distinctions and significance that ignite these yearnings,
      • the community we envision supporting us in our callings; the ways it accomplishes this; and our roles and contributions to its functionality and model, and
      • how to avoid dishonoring the possibilities that our connections signal,
  • Envisioned UTW Outcomes
  • Strategies and Methodologies
    • Tables invites those who bring their distinguishing gifts and capabilities to re-imagining and adopting the patterns, systems, and formulas of living practice that must replace those generating disparity or discord in any way–despite either general reliance on them or any social advantages they’ve historically generated. Whether these mature designs of UTW already exist in social practice, or remain to be imagined and emerge into experienced reality, Tables convene to enable current generations as their inventors and champions.
  • Conclusions
    • Tables are a UTW method for convening ChAPter circles in ways of discovering what is individually self-actualizing and mutually [empowering], and in what ways to cooperate with those who hold differently. Tables assert that this consensus is necessary to actualize ideals of collective thriving; and is more attainable by pulling from the genius yearnings of people­, rather than from undue struggles of lived experience. For Coexistence and the activities we conduct within it to begin truly serving all, let us become agents of change who are clear in their genius spirit and callings as ambassadors for the living interests these urges represent.
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1David Korten: From Serving Money to Serving Life, A Sacred Story for Our Times (Video insert) | Time signature = /00:38:00/ | (RTN)

we who are awakened thus invite you
to our concerts, those our souls exemplify
to bear our genius and reverberate our life songs
to hold the tones that have us come alive
we who gather more to be our spirits
more our passions; callings; vision; promise; cause
than in perceptions; throws of need; or woes of want
choose futures born of what we are as stardust gods
let us compose what is a truth of what to live for
by coming full into the beings all should know
that as the snowflake of phenomenon we holy
can bring to whole what of this time may yet become
those of kindled soul, whom grace our halls
of quickened voice, dispatching anthems wise
of yearnings this, through verses long and boldly scribed
have concert here - their genius born, their life songs called