Concerts of Interrelationship

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Concerting is a synergy between the unique aspects of a living being's nature, spirit, and other distinguishing qualities with the same of another, or others, and experiencing the natural dynamics produced by these distinct combinations of individual characteristics.

To "concert" is to perform one's characteristic traits in the ways these unique qualities feed into; extend from; or would otherwise naturally react with what is unique in others. Concerting is not compromise, nor sacrifice, it is complement. It isn’t “doing what we can with what’s available” (though it may begin there). It is devising and introducing what synergizes our genius with the snowflakes of distinction that are another's genius. Concert results from the specific combination of contrasting qualities that reciprocate between respective souls...which they draw on to serve callings of purpose in ways that likely wouldn’t occur in any other mingling of qualities or lived experience. Concert is unique to every relationship, and is signalled by what is uniquely resonant in these relationships.

As a UCCS formula of establishing naturally cohesive dynamics and experiences of interrelating, concerting is an engagement model that draws on the inherent aspects of what is soulful to each interacting party to appreciatingly observe whatever the resulting outcomes naturally are.