What will you do with your precious, priceless,  promising, and perhaps "only" life?

Involvement in our mission of expanding consensus on how to live across differences is a concert of this purpose and your inherent genius (distinguishing gifts of spirit; nature; capacities; and more...). It entails contributing, as natural practices of your living routine, what you are passionately conducting as life songs (genuine cravings of the soul and callings of spirit that are undertaken as a life's work) with the accords being established in society as respectable ways to live...that do not presuppose or necessitate  "money" or "trade" but, ultimately; synergize the archetypes each of us is an agent for with what is signalled or called for by the times.

  • Initially...if you haven't already, begin to awaken to the nature of your truest self and its archetypal value to the living experience. Become the agent of its distinct qualities and what their snowflake of contribution is to the collective well-being of all that lives and functions.
  • Cultivate, from this awareness, as much concert as you can between your distinguishing genius and the encounters you have with everything in life.
  • Re-imagine, as differently from existing realities as you're able, how populations and communities would function in the ideals of your sense of meaningfulness, and then strategically map, with the counsel and aid of others, pathways from any under serving states of being into those that satisfy the soulful craving and callings of spirit of what we collectively least as much as, if not more than, pragmatically attending to the details of pressing struggles.
  • Explore bioregional, instead of geopolitical, frameworks and orientations to the exercise and process of addition to other integrative models of negotiating life.
  • Above all else, remain mindful of the concert that is your snowflake of distinguishing significance and possibility (that may never occur again) with the well-being, interdependence, and sacredness of all that is.

Bring these, and other, observances to our P.O.B. deliberations on the patterns, systems, and formulas of living that populations must mature beyond, and into, in order to remain valid elements of the integral systems of life and not a cancer to that we all may organize our circles in ways that extend from the accords reached in these and other reflections. Accords that honor individual distinctions and the common needs of groups, as well as the ecosystems in which we all reside and migrate, and the differing adoptions of neighboring personalities and species.