Sacred Lilith Frameworks of Integral Social Maturity

Author David Korten describes the prevailing sense of meaningful contribution in the modern world as “The Sacred Money and Markets” narrative of scarcity subsistence in which Money is the measure of all worth and the source of most happiness. The market is omniscient and competing in it leads to the greatest success. Earth is exploitable as a source of raw materials. Inequality and environmental destruction are unfortunate but unavoidable. Although many recognize this story promotes bad ethics, bad science, and bad economics, it will remain the guiding narrative until replaced by a more compelling story that aligns with our deepest understanding of the universe and our relationship to it. Korten offers “The Sacred Life and Living Earth” story as an alternative narrative that is grounded in a cosmology affirming that we are living beings born of a living Earth…itself born of a living universe, and our health and well-being depend on an economy that works in co-productive partnership with the processes by which Earth’s community of life maintains the conditions of its own existence—and the just living interests of all things. [David Korten: Change The Story - Change The Future]

The Sacred Life and Living Earth framework of living meaningfulness is proposed as UTW_1-1 in the UCCS catalog of social formulations that re-imagine coexistence in Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW). It is being modeled by The Ten Sights Institutes of Social Cohesion (TSiSC) in the Chevil Até Project's mapping of bioregional shifts to UTW as Sacred Lilith–which asserts that “all life is born to mature into the fullest expression and demonstration of its distinguishing significance to an existence that establishes the collective well-being of all life.

The Sacred Lilith narrative story (jpg file) guides populations in resolving living struggles with the depictions of the Sacred Money and Markets story (Sacred Commerce) that result from obsolete narratives that are generated and prolonged by inapplicable or outlived social mores. TSiSC created the Chevil Até Project to map, as bioregional ChAPters, where populations are self-organizing manifestations of Sacred Lilith, and Abundance Leagues of the Chevil Até Project are the alliances of social organizers who are developing the patterns, systems, and formulas of living to replace those generating the disparity and discord of Sacred Commerce in any way–despite either general reliance on them or any social advantages they’ve historically generated. Whether the mature designs of Sacred Lilith and UTW already exist in social practice, or remain to be imagined and emerge into experienced reality, they require current generations as their inventors and champions.

Sacred Lilith Aspirations

Mature States of Integral Coexistence Envisioned for the Bioregional Population
that Resolve Their Struggles with Inadequate Ways of Living

  1. All life is fully enabled in contributing to the process of Living Society maturing beyond the subsistence and scarcity frameworks of Sacred Commerce into Sacred Lilith’s abundance frameworks and states of Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-being (UTW), by awakening to–and tapping into–the distinguishing significance of their inherent nature; gifts; and competencies, while fulfilling their snowflakes of genius spirit; cravings of soul; and callings of purpose in life.
  2. No life is interfered with in fulfilling its natural and archetypal roles in the living experience as populations:
    1. mature beyond geopolitical struggles of competitive privatization, exploitation, marginalization, and resource concentration into the enabled abundance of UTW’s bioregional ecosystemic interdependence, cooperation and co-creation, and regenerative distribution of resources;
    2. resolve systemic obstacles to UTW’s collective thriving well-being of all life by un-tethering populations from any ways of living that generate social disparity and discord; and
    3. reconfigure their circles of influence to function in frameworks, designs, formulations, systems, and practices that enable all life to cohesively and adaptively exist across differences by identifying existing and emerging methods of social development, or introducing newly imagined or (re-imagined) ones, that incubate the anchoring institutions of UTW, while converting existing social ventures and enterprises into bridges, that operate to expand UTW through P.I.I.R.A. models of appraisal and determination (Preserve; Incubate; Innovate; Reconfigure; or Abandon) to mature Living Society beyond historical ways of living that continue to be perceived essential…but are increasingly proven to be under serving  and obsolete.

Familiar frameworks of aspiration and functioning are inadequate to resolving living struggles and maturing beyond under serving and obsolete ways of living into genuinely thriving states of being for all life. To become manifested as a reality in the living world UTW social re-formulations require a new trajectory of aspiration and narratives of living meaningfulness.

Sacred Lilith is the narrative story of realizing UTW throughout Living Society being modeled in the Chevil Até Project,
and Ecosocialism is the universally inclusive organizing framework that underpins Sacred Lilith.