Reformulation 5-1: Beyond “Leadership” to “Cooperation” and “Co-Creative” Social Encouragement and Activation

Retiring compelling formulas of social encouragement and activation to honor and enable every cohesively distinguishing way of functioning in life through cooperation; co-creation; and concert as the next stage of maturity in social interrelating.

P.I.I.R.A. APPRAISAL: To mature beyond demonstrations of some perspectives having more value than others in community matters; individuals and groups feeling coerced in these matters, and natural manners of expression, engagement, and interaction that extend from one’s distinguished genius of spirit to be adequately represented in general interactions between people, populations must adopt formulas of encouraging and activating themselves that equitable accommodate every innate form of conveying individual and collective interests that are demonstrated in social engagements (such as concerting), rather than rely on compelling or charismatic personalities to control or over influence matters of common interest without collective accord.