Reformulation 9-1: From “Private Capital” to “Communal Asset” Social Resourcing

Abandoning the disadvantagingly patterned formulations of “money” and other types of private capital that concentrate control of, and access to, living assets for regenerative formulas of social resourcing in which living necessities are held collectively as an asset commons and are universally distributed throughout the population.


P.I.I.R.A. APPRAISAL: Advancing beyond global inequities and unsustainability is not achievable through any of the primary conceptualizations of money and other geopolitical formulas of social resourcing because of imperatives embedded within them (growth, competition, concentration, efficiency, etc.) that exploit living beings and resources, and divide populations. To mature into genuine resourcing methodologies that are universally just, prevailing formats of wealth that commoditize any living essentials must be abandoned for models (such as Commonomics, Doughnut Economics, and Chevil Até’s ChAPter Source economic model) that steward living assets as the social entitlements of a “Commons” and are pathways to retiring exchange architectures altogether