Reformulation 9-2: From “Obligation Labor” to “Living Stewardship” Social Contribution

Eliminating slavery, indentureship, jobs and other imbalanced geopolitical formulations of obligated labor to mature into ecosystemic living stewardships extending from the inherent nature, gifts, talents, and capacities (genius) that every soul is uniquely endowed with.

P.I.I.R.A. APPRAISAL: For people to thrive in the archetypal roles of their distinct character and spirit, they should awaken to their genius nature and spirit, then contribute these to activities that are relevant to what is meaningful to them in the living experience–and in ways their genius is uniquely suited to serve–instead of survival struggles through obligations of productivity offering narrow opportunities they often don’t find meaningfully valid. This involves reconfiguring the formulas of social contribution and vocation to enable us all in the fullness of our significance as beings of distinguishing spirit and discerning awareness in life.