MONTHLY SHOWCASE: Michael Mead, Mosaic Voices Podcast: Seeking a Unity of Opposites


On this episode of Living Myth, drawn from a live event, Michael Meade explores an old idea that genuine maturity depends upon our ability to withstand and understand the tension of the opposites. The word individual means “un-divided,” not divided on the inside and thus able to remain true to ourselves when under great pressure from the outside world. Although we can feel crucified by opposing sides and torn between conflicting ideas, transformation is the secret aim of the tension inside life itself.

For just when everything seems to fall apart, what seeks to become more conscious is the eternal youth in the soul that sustains the dream of life and the wise old sage in the heart of each person that serves as inner teacher and guide. Inner wisdom involves a creative unity in which the eternal youth and wise elder within us help us hold together the past and the future and find meaningful ways forward.