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Public Forums in the People's Movement Assembly (PMA) Formula of Self-Governing and Consensus-Building

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Constructive and lasting social change is unlikely to occur by attempting to change a population’s minds but in creating situations and conditions appealing to its needs that also lead to security from the sources of its discontents…circumstances that introduce a better party.

Agora forums in the Chevil Até Project are assemblies of the citizenry that reclaim ability at the community level to access essential living needs as social entitlements rather than commercial markets. In the initial endeavor categories of interrelating, nutrition, shelter, and energy, T’Quist agoras convene to deliberate which frameworks of meaning and purpose; functioning designs; anchor institutions; bridging enterprises; and implementation efforts, establish the better party of all life thrivingly coexisting across differences…and to inspire those not yet conceptualized but necessary for universal thriving coexistence.  T’Quist seeks to amass the distinct interests of the Terraquista Commonshire’s population at the intersections of their purposes and intents in order to collectively weather the storms of just transitions, and realize thoroughly life-serving frameworks and patterns of living.

T'Quist Agora’s Upcoming Agendas:

ta3.1: April 22, 2023...Assembly presentation at the Earth Day 2023 celebration for La Terre Institute for Community and Ecology.