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Terraquista Common Collective

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A Federation of Enterprises Designed in the Commonwealth Operating Format to Demonstrate and Expand the ChAPter Source Model of Communal Asset Social Resourcing

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Commercial markets are a formula of social resourcing that obstructs the collective well-being of organized regions through disadvantaging imperatives embedded within them (growth, competition, concentration, efficiency, etc.) Solutions to this situation include re-imagining enterprise in frameworks of Commonomics–in which societal assets and essential living resources are held as a commons and are regeneratively distributed throughout the population; and Doughnut Economics–that identifies the boundaries in which planetary assets are responsibly maintained.

Terraquista Common (TC) is a collective for re-imagining enterprise that serves the Terraquista Commonshire in the common interest frameworks of Sacred Lilith that preserve and defend the life-giving systems of the world by providing for all life in its ecological communities, instead of inveterate frameworks of Sacred Commerce that divide populations and exhaust resources to preserve themselves as systems of concentrated and disadvantaging influence. Terraquista Common enterprises are designed as bridges from undesired platforms such as commercialization and obligated labor to equity rights platforms of living stewardship that enable the distinguishing significance of everything living.

TC also has an objective of establishing agora forums to host public assemblies, like its ancient namesakes…though instead of marketplaces they will distribute communal assets throughout NA25’s ecological communities.

Development of Terraquista Common embarks on the Spring Equinox 2022 with an agora showcase of its initial designs and allies.

TC’s Current Efforts: