Concerting Allies


*Vision: Universal Thriving Wellness and Well-Being (UTW)
*Scope of Endeavors: The Ten Sights
*Campaign: Maturity 1
*Social Development Formulas: UCCS
*Principal Initiative: the Chevil Até Project
*Solidarity Economics: ChAPter Source



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The Abundance League of ChAPter Three


Pending Allies
3C1: Urban Safetyist 3C17: Fig Tree Gardening
3C2: Cooperation Jackson
........and The People's Strike
3C18: The Radiant Shadow
3C19: A Community Voice
3C3: EcoNOLA
3C20: People's Assembly
3C4: La Terre Institute
.........For Community and Ecology
3C21: DB/SP Ministry
3C22: Extinction Rebellion NOLA
3C5: Wendell Berry Meetups
3C6: Grow On Urban Farms
3C23: Cats Claw Collective
3C24: Permaculture Action
3C7: La Terre Bioregional Center
3C8: Develop Abundance
3C25: Tamborine and Fan, Inc.
3C26: United Bakery Records
3C9: The Iron Lattice
3C10: Tombar Life Center
3C27: Southern Climate Adaptation Science Center
3C11: Theatre of Solidarity
3C12: Elsewhere Labs
3C28: Southern Movement Assembly
3C13: Affordable Healing Arts
3C14: The Art of Kindness
3C15: All You Need Institute
3C16: Rising Foundations